BLack Marker commissions!

Here you can see the prices on my commissions and TOS!

You can see more examples of my work in my socials!Also if you want to commission me - just DM me on Twitter or on Discord (black_marker _draws)


General rules

- Provide neat references.
Please write in a clean and specific manner.
Any ill behavior will not be accepted and your commission will be canceled.
I reserve the right to refuse to take on any commission, for whatever reason.
- I don't have a deadline but I finish each commission within a month or faster
- Payment goes through Paypal (rarely might ask to pay through Boosty) (All in $)
- 100% prepayment
- No refunds (only if I can't draw for one reason or another)
- Very welcome to see all sorts of refrences for better understanding
- Ready for convesations and any sorts of questions (even if you just want to chat ^ - ^)
- All rights belong to me but you can use my drawings for printing something for yourself. Just don't claim drawing as yours and no commercial use please!

Additional costs

- Background from 10$ (examples below)
- +1 character = 100% of the character price
- Cumshot versions are + 20$
- Fertilization versions are + 20$
- For toys and other additional items the price is negotiable
- You can ask about any extras and I will calculate the price!

I will and won't draw...

- I will draw: sfw, nsfw, any species (except reptiles), complex b/g, some fetishes (ask!), gore, nsfw + gore.
- I won't draw: hate speech, some fetishes (ask!), characters based only on description (if you provide some refs I will allow it), reptiles

Pony/feral commissions

Human/furry commissions

Lineless art (ponies)


I draw in chibi style only ponies right now! Human and furry chibis will be added later!



This is a simple ref whitch includes:
- Fullbody
- Color palette
- Cutiemark or some fav things
- Genetalia
- Headshot
This costs: 120$
Other addons are negotiable

Types of dicks I can draw!

Just as an example of genetalia I can draw!

My socials

You can find more examples of my artworks here.